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BiG B033

BiG B033 is an iPhone diagnostic software for Windows that helps the user and companies diagnose, troubleshoot potential problems, and let them manage their devices in an offline testing environment perfectly suited for security research, repairs and other types of software development.

Our software specializes in several iPhones and iPads running iOS 12.x and above to iOS 14.x while offering a simple and user friendly interface that is easy to navigate, operate and understand.

E-waste diposal

We offer the best price on the market for any e-waste mobile phone related product. We are building a sustainable pathway to a better tomorrow.

As one of planet Earths largest protector from mobile device e-waste, and greatest connector of human beings, we offer low cost smart phone recycling for millions of people.

You need - We create

When an organization or user has a specific software need that can't be addressed with off-the-shelf software, our mission is to bring this idea to fruition, given your personal vision and expectations

Custom software development is the creation of unique technology solutions made for you. We offer attractive prices and customizable approaches to suit your specific needs.