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“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Albert Einstein

Our Team

Our professional team, comprised of developers, artists, programmers, full stack developers and engineers work remotely together from all over the world to create different software solutions for businesses and individuals.

We are headquartered in the tech-center and startup city of Washington State, home to many of the most popular and well-known online businesses.

Customer satisfaction

Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans. We are especially proud to serve businesses and individuals in many languages and located in every major city around the world. Our expert staff speak over 15 languages and can provide customer service in most clients native language.


Our website and tool boasts 24/7 online customer service from an expert group of staff members that are ready to resolve clients issues with patience and efficacy. We can be reached by email, phone, online chat and screen sharing.

Call to innovation, and innovation leads to progess!

Customer satisfaction survey and input

Continued support through tool updates

Future services development

BiG B033 fully developed and publicly launched

BiG B033 initial release

Added more supported devices

BiG B033 official launch team created

Creation of Dr. Phones Inc – US headquarters

Press releases and social media campaigns

Official launch of BiGB033

1 Year 2020
Api integration

Internal soft launch of BiG B033

Pricing structure

BiG B033 Website design

Support staff training

Preliminary testing and troubleshooting

Initial coding and development begin

Redaction of strategic business plan

Customer needs analysis

Market analysis of similar software

Exploration of software possibilities

Conceptual idea created by Dr.Moe

2 Years 2019

Our Team

"None of us is as smart as all of us."


Founder - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


15 years of professional experience in product engineering and back-end firmware coding. Bachelor's Degree in Web Development from Sherbrooke College. Master of Business Administration from Sherbrooke Academy.


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Worked for over 10 years with companies in a variety of positions including director of operations, CFO and ED.
History with a minor in Latin American Studies degree at the University of Washington. Post graduate certificate in TEFL/TESL at Seattle university.


Product Engineer And Developer


20 years of experience in operating system management, software development, reverse engineering and forensic research.
Bachelor's Degree in Science with a minor in Physics from University of Guelph.

Daniela Mercedes Verenzuela Benitez

Latin American Customer Support Speciales


3 years experience specializing in customer service in the mobile device industry.
Technical Degree in industrial security from IUTA Venezuela


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


10 years working as a developer, security researcher, forensic research and integrator of embedded software technology for mobile industry.
Master's degree in Multimedia Systems And Communication Engineering from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Deepak Goyal

Project Manager

New Zealand

5 years experience in Software and Web development with a specialty in application programming interface.
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology. Graduate Diploma in IT from Unitec Institute of Technology.


Senior Customer Support Specialist


5 years of experience as Senior Web Manager and team lead for inside sales workshop.
Advanced Technician Diploma from Ufip Business School.


European Sales Technical Manager


5 years of experience as Senior Web Manager and team lead in cross-selling inside device workshop.
Advanced Technician Diploma from Ufip Business School.


Hong Kong Sales Team Leader

Hong Kong

6 years experience in mobile phones and service related sales.
Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Curtin University.


Phone Forensics Guru


An ideal candidate will have experience and knowledge in mobile phone forensics and be ready to challenge themselves on a team of gurus. If you think you have what it takes, and know that you have an idea to bring to the table then this may be your chance because we are hiring! Don't let what could be tomorrow stop you from trying today!

Send your resume and cover letter to jobs@drphonesinc.com